Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where Are the Populists?

The Old System for producing writers in America is focused on expensive institutionalized writing programs which encourage craft and refinement over the maw of experience and the big picture clash of ideas. The System has inhibited the creation of populist poems and novels. Attempts to remedy this have met with an unbreachable stone wall of arrogance.

But now the earthquake represented by DIY ebooks threatens to bring down that wall.

Where are new populist American writers prepared to jump into the breach with exciting literature?

When the wall comes down, tame literary fiction and poetry will be buried under the rubble and the dust. As replacement, barbarian outsiders need to provide more than recycled genre fiction which escapes from the realities of American life into fantasy and nonsense. We need new populist writers prepared to examine American realities with clear thoughts and clear writing.

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