Sunday, September 16, 2012

Styles of Pop Fiction

WITH my four ebooks to date I present four different styles of pop Do-It-Yourself writing. If you want to see roads toward the literary future, they’re worth reading.

1.) Ten Pop Stories is straight pop, simple and quick, with the emphasis on fun reading. Within that guideline, each of the ten pop tales is unique.

2.) Mood Detroit starts out the same way, but the backdrop of the three novelettes in this collection is America’s toughest city. The three tales here are, each in a different way, literary-pop hybrids.

3.) Crime City USA, as much based on Philly as the Motor City, is pulp-style pop fiction about two rival criminal gangs, with hyped-up emotion and pace. This ebook is a hybrid between noir fiction and the graphic novel, with literary aspects simplified and intensified.

4.) The Tower is an ambitious pop novel of ideas, the conflict of ideologies, the story of a protest amid a tumultuous city: an evocation of the madness of contemporary life. Dramatic, over-the-top characters are caught up in currents of madness not of their making. It’s not the ultimate pop/populist novel, but it’s a step along that path.

All four of these ebooks are ridiculously affordable. You have no excuse not to buy them. No one has studied current American fiction and where it’s going, and should go, more than I have. Read these new works now ahead of the crowd.

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