Thursday, October 6, 2011


With the new style of fiction I'm offering, readability is the highest value. If the work doesn't have clarity and momentum, nothing else matters.

Read Crime City USA, a short pop novel.

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  1. I haven't begun Crime City USA. I'm seriously backed up in my reading. So this question comes from reading in Mood Detroit and Ten Pop Stories.

    I notice you don't go for internal dialogue or characters examining themselves / their lives. From how well you write, I know this is a choice on your part. Any chance you'll blog about it?

    I'm wondering, if you're giving the people what they want and the people like to get into a character and accompany him/her, why not make it easier? Just so you know, in regards to my own writing, I could ask myself the same question. I have no answer. I'd like to hear your take.