Friday, March 25, 2011

We Have a Tie!

This is what I was afraid of when putting the Story Opening Contest together. Each of the three judges has a different First choice. According to the Wenclas Scoring System used for this contest, each first place vote receives 5 points. This squeezes out Len Kuntz, the only writer named on more than one ballot. Who'd have figured that? Len receives 3 points for a second place vote from one judge, and 1 point for being chosen third by another judge.

Those tied, in alphabetical order, are

-Tom Hendricks
-Anthony Jones

(I may not have gotten the right number of x's! If Mr. x isn't tracked down after the tiebreaker, his prize will go to Mr. Kuntz.)

It's a sign of the variety and quality of the entries that the selections were diverse. We didn't get a huge number of entries. Those received were very very good.

I'll announce the tie on a couple blogs, in a few forums, then ask for input from the audience, and from the other contestants themselves.

The contest is thus held open until next Monday or Tuesday, at which time I'll weigh in and decide who gets what prize. Judges selections and remarks will also be posted at that time.

I make no promise as to final result between the three. If it were up to me, I would've chosen Emerson Dameron's entry! It was attention getting, and he has the best author name of any entrant-- no small consideration, in a world where gaining notice-- if you're a writer in a crowded field-- is so important. :) (Lady Gaga didn't enter the contest.)

Stay tuned.

(Post your suggestions on this thread.)


  1. p.s. All the entries are listed as Comments a couple posts down, under "Contest Begins Now!"
    Please put all remarks, if any, RIGHT HERE! Below this comment.
    If the three who are tied wish to lobby for a particular place or prize, go to it. Non-winners are also invited to weigh in.

  2. p.s. Feel free to speculate as to "XXXXXXX"'s identity. A ringer? (Famous pro.) For instance, one might think "XXX" is Jonathan Franzen. I think not. Franzen never uses ten words when he can use ten hundred instead!
    Other possibilities:
    2.) Not-Dead Elvis, in seclusion in Kalamazoo, finds out about the contest through googling his own name and decides to enter.
    3.) Lady Gaga hears about the contest and wants to arrive to the awards ceremony at Dirty Frank's in an egg.
    4.) Elizabeth Taylor, on her death bed, tells her doctors, "I have one last important thing to do in this world. I have to enter the First Pop Lit Story Opening Contest! Please hand me my laptop."
    5.) The Prez, seeking distraction from various crises, wars and not-wars, nuclear plant meltdowns, insane congresspersons and the like, having finished his college basketball brackets, asks his aides what other competitions are going on right now.
    6.) On the other side, a mad dictator in Libya seeks a method of embarrassing the Americans and their running dog allies once and for all. What better way than winning a prestigious contest at-- AMERICAN Pop Lit???
    Who else??? (And no, it's not me. It could be someone who wanted to post more than one entry??? I don't think so.)

  3. I kind of that Multiple X was xTx, but she usually signs that way, not with multiple Xs. But the tone was hers and had the feel of her stories.