Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Contest Is Closed!

A Big THANKS to all who participated. From Wred through Dennis, the entries, in my opinion, are of high quality. I'm glad I'm not judging this thing!

I expect to be in contact with our three esteemed judges. Will be collecting the ballots, have them calculated by the King Wenclas accounting firm (visualize me scribbling away with pencil and paper), and hope to announce the winners by the end of the week. I'll then collect mailing addresses from the three winners-- po boxes, bail bondsmen, penitentiary mail points, literary agents, mother-in-laws, etc.-- anything acceptable as long as I can mail off the things. You can't imagine the temptation of wanting to open up that shrink-wrapped collection of Elvis dvd's. Or listen to Marcopolos reading "Teddy."

Unfortunately, there remains no funding in the contest budget, after postage, to hold an actual awards ceremony like the Oscars or the Grammys. (Unless anyone wants to pick up their award at Dirty Frank's in Philly.) Besides, Lady Gaga is unavailable.

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  1. UPDATE: Two of the three judges have weighed in. Lynn includes the reasons for her choices, which is a great idea. I've mentioned this to the others, which might slow up the process a tad. But I know you enjoy the suspense! (Since two of the three judges have completely different picks, the third will either determine the matter, of leave it up to a tiebreaker. I would then ask the audience to weigh in before I make the final call, assuming there is an audience. In other words, entrants, have your friends and relatives standing by!) :)