Saturday, February 2, 2013

Newest Parts of The McSweeneys Gang Novel

Roughly a third of the new ebook novel The McSweeneys Gang by King Wenclas is brand new material. Here’s a look at most of it:

-“Seat at the Table” A conversation between Boss Eggers and Thomas Beller.

--“Court of the Demi-Puppets” The trial of a rebellious writer.

-“McSweeneys Headquarters” An inside look at a ruthless literary mob’s operations.

-“Mr. Empathy” A mysterious and smarmy operative tells Boss Eggers his propaganda techniques.

-“The Photograph” A discussion between Boss Eggers and a photo of David Foster Wallace.

-“Benefit for Writers” A televised McSweeneys Reading featuring big name authors George Saunders and Jennifer Egan.

-“Finale” The puzzle of literature.

PLUS—New Underground Profiles.

Only in THE MCSWEENEYS GANG by King Wenclas, the ultimate in thought-provoking pop literature.

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