Friday, December 14, 2012

Pop Black Style

ESPN commentator Rob Parker has accused Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III of being cornball. But RG III isn’t cornball. Eli Manning is cornball. RG III is pop. Robert Griffin III dresses and behaves in a pop style, which is something else.

Once again the Underground Literary Alliance was ten years ahead of the curve. We enlisted Detroit cartoonist Yul Tolbert to do much of our artwork. He creates in a pop black style. Or if you will, a black pop style. Check out the evidence here:

and here:
(Except watch for the ads!)

Pop style is colorful and not a little cartoonish. Most of all it’s fun. What does RG III seem to be about? Having fun!

In its heyday the ULA was always fun, and—who knows?—may be again, soon.

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