Thursday, September 1, 2011

An Alternate Model

With Chad Harbach's The Art of Fielding we see the continuation of a trend that began fifty years ago with Thomas Pynchon-- the production of the big brainy novel.

Which is fine. American literature needs these flagships. By all reports, "Fielding" is very much about America. (What's more American than baseball?) All to the good.

These big, high-priced novels are akin to giant battleships pre-World War II. Extremely impressive to look at; wonderful to have at the head of a fleet. Yet, at the same time, irrevocably obsolete. The shame was having to send such monsters into battle.

With my American Pop Lit e-books I offer an alternate model. The objective of Ten Pop Stories is to be readable and fun. New fiction as quick and affordable as possible-- yet still relevant and topical. Small, efficient vehicles built for the times we live in now.

No, this isn't the Apple Store. Call it the APL store-- American Pop Literature. Get in on the ground floor. The fun has only started.

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