Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Help Save Eric Broomfield the Writer

Do you want new American writing in the Kerouac tradition which depicts and is part of carny-Barnum-ballyhoo Americana?

At my personal blog-- which I've been intending to shut down but never get around to--
--I've been covering the tough circumstances of Eric Broomfield, aka Jellyboy the Clown. Eric was a key player in many historic events of the Underground Literary Alliance, including the 2006 Miller Hall/Columbia University "Howl" reading crash.

Now Eric fights for his life, on a respirator in a New York City hospital after being caught in a Queens fire.

His writing is now available via an ebook, at

Publisher Jeff Potter has generously agreed to give all proceeds of sales of this ebook toward Eric's hospital bills-- even if it means sending Eric or Eric's brother cash. Needless to say, Eric has no health insurance.

As important, you'll find Eric to be quite an entertaining writer. An undergrounder worth keeping around.

Buy your copy now!

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  1. Folks are buying Jelly's eBook! I'll send him cash and I hope he uses it to get something he needs, like maybe something he lost in the fire, like a new notebook, pair of pants, or sword-swallowing sword.