Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ten Pop Stories Have Arrived!

While the American Writer Tournament has been on lazy summer break, I've put together an ebook of short pop fiction named Ten Pop Stories. While a few of the stories have previously appeared here, the collection also contains exciting new ones like "The Red Door," which I intended to be the fastest-paced story ever. Did I achieve that goal? Possibly not, but it's well worth a look. Few other writers are experimenting with a new short story form designed to rescue the art.

The stories are available exclsuively as a Nook Book at

Watch for its appearance soon at other outlets!


  1. Alas, Nook-less. Hope it will be forthcoming on Kindle?

  2. I'm working on a Kindle version-- is a bit more complicated, I'm finding. (My computer formatting skills are primitive. I work at a snail's pace. Hey, I'm from Detroit. I grew up working on cars, not computers! Oh well.)
    Doing any ebooks yourself, Barr? For writers, it's the new way.